Stop here to help us to stop bleed

If you stop here to know about us, you will know about hemophilia and you will also come to know that the factor missing in our blood, without which our bleeding doesn’t stop naturally, is present in your blood, because you were born normal.

Normal, because you were born with it but we are not... we are Born Rare!

If you have ever donated blood, our missing factor was extracted from there to be administered on us to stop us bleed.

If we don’t get the required factor VIII or factor IX, our bleeding won’t stop which will infect our joints so badly that we will develop deformities.

These deformities make our life very painful and we often develop problems in walking and even moving from one place to another.

The factors are so expensive that it is not easy for an ordinary hemophiliac to afford it without any financial support

Therefore, if you stop for us and donate as per your strength, we would be able to get the factor from society .. so please donate