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• Featuring how certain responsible individuals are making this society fight the odds and help the smooth run of life Analyzing the contribution of good Samaritans, the heart touching passion to serve the humanity and those who are extra-ordinary
• Special edition dedicated to Rare People and Rare Disorder
• Editor in Chief- Mr. Anil Anand (Political & Social Editor, Retd. Hindustan Times)
• Special feature on all about Hemophilia, the rare genetic disorder and the Hemophiliacs – the rare individuals who are not only living a regular life like normal people but excelling in their respective fields
• From the Chairman’s desk a special feature about the measures taken by the society to help their members
• Special stories ( contribution) from members/ hemophilia patients about their rare disease, rare problems and rare achievements.
Be the part of a documentary film on Hemophilia and Rare disorders and Rare People
• The film crates a rare position about Hemophilia and the individuals suffering from it.
• This film creates deep understanding about the diagnosis, problems and the solutions of community suffering from Hemophilia and the medical fraternity handling these patients
• First hand account from the family members of the suffering individuals, the patients, General Physicians and Hematologist
• The film to be featured in the documentary sections of the national and regional news channels
• To be promoted on digital medium.
Get associated with our promotional event: ‘By the Rare-for the Rare
• Be the part of an evening live with the music maestro Uttam Singh and many more dignitaries, luminaries and artists
• Be the part of evening beginning with the featuring of the documentary on Rare Human Disorder- Hemophilia
• Followed by the lighting of the lamp and an Anthem Sung by the individuals suffering from Hemophilia
• Subsequently enjoy the music and entertainment during rest of the evening