Associated Problems

  • Prolonged bleeding, into joints and muscles, if not treated properly and in time, can lead to permanent disability.
  • Children with Hemophilia (CWH) face restrictions at a very early age as parents try to protect them from bleeds. This stress and isolation becomes severe, when frequent bleeds lead to disability. This disability in turns feeds on the realization of being a burden to both family and society. Due to overprotection by the parents, irregular schooling, unemployment and loneliness, all PWH suffers from Psycho – Social problems.
  • Due to the high cost of AHF, most PWH in India may be required take infusions of unsafe, wet blood products such as Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) or lyophilized cryoprecipitate. This necessity exposes patients to blood borne infections of HIV/Aids and Hepatitis and can result in physical, emotional and financial complications.
  • Due to frequent bleeds and disability most PWH are not gainfully employed. This coupled with the high cost of treatment places a high economic burden on PWH and their families leading to financial stress for PWH & their families.